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This makes them great competitors, even if they are able to hide this desire to win from you. This also makes Scorpios very dominant, controlling and passionate. When they do not have a positive outlet for self-expression, they often turn inwards and become destructive. When wronged, they do not easily forgive. It is almost as if the Scorpio sign invented the word "revenge". However, they just as easily never forget an act of kindness and are always ready to repay it. Scorpios are very loyal friends, but can be possessive.

Scorpios are also conservative when it comes to money but when they do spend it; they know the right investments to make. Brilliant Minds Scorpios have a native understanding of humans and often show psychic tendencies. They are often interested in the mind and its potential powers. Scorpio is the sign of many of life's mysteries: birth, sex, death, and regeneration. They are willing to explore things others are afraid to look into, such as different religions and the occult. Intense Scorpios are often a force to be reckoned with.

They are passionate, committed and in the same turn, if you are an enemy, they can be just as intensely ruthless. Scorpios are so intense, there are few challenges they are not willing to meet. They will use any information at hand to beat competitors and do not hesitate to move in for the kill. Weaknesses Because of their intensity, Scorpios can be jealous, possessive, and controlling. When mistreated, they will make it their objective to get revenge, even if it takes years.

They like to keep their true emotions hidden from others, which causes people to perceive them as cold and uncaring. Parts of the Body Ruled by Scorpio The genitals — because the genitals rule them, Scorpios are susceptible to venereal disease and urinary infections. They may also suffer from fatigue and bad health due to their explosive emotions. They are loving and passionate, even if they seem cold on the surface. They are often driven by their intensity and are determined to do whatever they set their mind to. Personality Traits of a Scorpio. Previous Page. Next Page.

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Personality Traits of a Virgo. Personality Traits of a Pisces. I thought something was wrong with menice to know tjat tjis is who im meant to be Tae - Sep AM. I met my twin-flame on January 1, Our unification happened in a mysterious mountain in front of every of Rah symbol. He is Virgo and an artist. Our love story is very unique. Illumina - Aug PM. Its scary, because it's true. Don't get on my bad side. I like this. Or keep talking, it's going to be Hilarious, and not by my doing.

Scorpio Horoscope August — Love and Career Predictions | Allure

Jenna - Jul AM. I myself as a Scorpio, and knowing many other Scorpio's have often been known to build walls around themselves, often to protect themselves from being hurt or even from being loved!

Reading this article was very inspirational, and helped me understand myself better. Bella - 4-Jun AM.

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I really learned that the way I am is true to be I am all of the things I was reading and it was crazy to me. Thanks for the info now I know why I am the way I am and it's great. Men born under this sign are moody and need emotional "space. They prefer the stability of home and hearth. Scorpio men enjoy being part of their children's upbringing. They can be demanding in their family relationships, but their actions are generally motivated by love.

Career success means a lot, but they never mistake it for personal achievement. A Scorpio woman is one of mystery -- part tomboy, part femme fatale. She has a provocative magnetism. She is maternal, not smothering. Whether she has a satisfying career or family life -- or both -- she gives everything. She can be demanding but is equally demanding of herself.

Always looking to transform herself for the better, she never seems to age but grows in wisdom and maturity. The Scorpio child can test a parent's limits. This little one may start playing power games in the cradle. Scorpios observe the feelings of others intuitively and can see exactly how each person is motivated. Scorpios spend a lot of time facing their fears so they can live with them and not run from them.

They are intriguing to people because of their unconventional behaviours, which can make them seem more powerful than people who would rather not make waves. Scorpios are creative people who can come up with solutions. Their mind is so inquisitive that if they want to figure out a way to do something, they usually can dig enough to do so.

Most Scorpios may not even be aware of how powerful their manipulative abilities are. They know how people think, so they can pull at emotional strings and get others to do things. Scorpios may seem angry, but chances are, their minds are chewing on some larger-than-life idea or trying to solve a puzzle that has nothing to do with the room they are in or the people they are with. Scorpios can handle a lot and will struggle to ask for help.

Scorpios are known to be a sign of extremes with no middle ground; seeing the grey areas in life is not easy for them. Scorpios are also known to be vain, especially since sex is a big motivator for many Scorpios. Scorpios have a lot more emotional energy than most, so they are just responding to their emotions in the way that feels natural to them. That energy is used to accomplish things that would seem insurmountable to most. Scorpios may be suffering deeply and never let on about it. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to fall into denial about their inability to accept help.

Scorpios will give to the ends of the Earth, but they need to learn how to receive. Scorpios are highly intelligent people, but their Fixed nature means they focus so much on one thing that other things can fall by the wayside. Their inability to multitask could make them seem as though they are stubborn and close-minded, but rest assured, they do things in their way on their time. Many may not feel like marrying, having kids, and being a part of the neighbourhood book club is definitely not for them.

They may not understand why forgetting to do something is such a big deal, or why missing an event even matters. Scorpios are looking at philosophical ideas, not daily events.

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Manage your expectations of them and understand their motivations may be quite different than yours. Scorpios have a warrior-like spirit which means they are always on the lookout for danger. They are protective of those they love and hold grudges like a Capricorn. Not the type to take fools lightly, Scorpios get frustrated when people are not as smart as they believe themselves to be - they want to do things their way.