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They share traits of being outgoing, curious, lovers of learning and somewhat social. It's useful to look at the theme of the polarity, and here we see Gemini being more locally focused in the neighborhood , while Sagittarius casts a global net. Gemini is a collector and translator, while Sagittarius often seeks to join all these dots, in a big picture.

Squares and Oppositions: Projection and Inner Conflicts – The Astrology Place

The opposition is considered a challenging aspect since it's a meeting of two opposing forces. It's not as tense and provoking as the square aspect. It's not a "bad" aspect, and that whole notion is in need of an update big time.

Consider the power of harnessing a polarity, and it becomes a gift, and one that grows with awareness. And sometimes, like with any tense stand-off, opposing planets draw out the cumulative strengths, and have an anchoring effect. It's a recurring groove along which you move, back and forth. I've noticed that many oppositions are often linked to interactions with others. This is a way that internal conflicts are externalized -- we meet them in the "Other. In Understanding the Birth Chart , Kevin Burk writes, "Sometimes we project one of the planets onto other people—we don't express or accept the planet's energy as a part of ourselves, so thanks to the Law of Alchemy, we experience it from the outside.

Burk continues, "Ultimately, planets in opposition can learn to work together, to discover the common ground they share, and find a point of balance -- one that doesn't require either planet to compromise, but rather that simply requires each planet to respect and acknowledge the other. The outer planet becomes the person or situation that we measure ourselves against.

With Mars opposite Pluto, the person will side with Mars against Pluto. The Mars person becomes the active agent against a powerful, destructive, outside force. This force can be an actual person with power or it can be a situation that holds power over the indvidual. Take someone with Mars in Aquarius in the 12th house opposing Pluto in Leo in the 6th. He compares himself to powerful people at work.

Uranus Opposition: The Midlife Crisis

Why are they so special? Why do they get all the money while he slaves away in obscurity? He claims that he is not interested in power, yet he is enthralled by it. The opposition can be a problem because the person with it has difficulty recognizing that the bad things he sees outside of himself start within. It could be that his attitude to work, his unacknowledged need for personal power on the job, rubs coworkers and bosses the wrong way. Other times a person with an opposition will swing to take on the role of the outer planet.

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This time he knows he contains the power he fights against. Everything I touch is ruined. I deserve to toil away in obscurity. I brought this upon myself.

I am being punished. The Mars opposite Pluto person needs to bring himself up against something powerful, or he needs to embody power to understand his capacity for action in the face of great odds. Sometimes he applies the right amount of force but other times he falters and feels overwhelmed by the pressure to perform.

Pluto in Leo in the 6th give him a powerful urge to put his personal best forward on the job. Mars in Aquarius in the 12th struggles to assert himself without ego.

The Meaning of the Aspects in Astrology

Without integration of these two forces, he makes no progress in his personal battle. I think the Mars opposition Pluto description in which the person takes on the side of Pluto and feels destructive and a terrible person describes me but I have the trine with 12th house Mars Pisces and 7th house Pluto Scorpio. Saturn and Uranus are the ones that dominate yet I have conflicted views on everything due to Saturn Uranus conjunction.

One minute the Saturn part shows up and says something yet the Uranus side pops and says the opposite or vice-verse. I would attribute difficulty with self-expression to the Saturn contacts to the Sun and Moon. A fiery battle? In some cases, yes. However, sometimes these polar opposites can surprise you. Perhaps they'll find out they have more in common than they initially thought. Maybe they can teach each other something. In the end, they may even realize they complete each other. If you were wondering what an opposition is in astrology , think of it as two very different people sitting down for a debate.

You have no way of knowing which direction it will take, which is exactly what makes it so exciting. In fact, I'm even willing to say that oppositions are my favorite aspect in all of astrology. When two planets are opposite each other, they're situated degrees away from each other and six zodiac signs apart. When in the midst of an opposition, two planets could not be farther away from each other, and yet, they're still deeply connected.

How Does An Opposition Affect Your Birth Chart?

This immense distance they share grants them two very different perspectives. Even if these planets believe they have nothing in common, what they maybe don't immediately realize is that the other planet contains what they themselves lack. If they can bridge the gap between them and come to an understanding, it can result in so much growth.