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  1. Cancer Weekly Horoscope from 26th January - video dailymotion
  3. HOROSCOPES: Every cloud has a silver lining, Cancer

Remember to organize yourself diligently at this time, because where you focus your spirit now is crucial for the benefits to come in the future.

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You will feel overwhelmed at some points this month, just remember to focus on the positive so you can flourish. For romance it looks as though you will be the sexiest in September.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope from 26th January - video dailymotion

Many admirers are going to be falling for you, and you are the one with the wand to make the decisions. This month is about your looks in love, and you can just about get anyone you desire with all the sex appeal you got going on. You will have some Kooky offers this month, so go out and sparkle as much as you wish! At the beginning of the month, finances will begin to look a lot better than in the past you will begin to see your efforts paying off.

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Just keep in mind that you do need a structure, and keep track of your spending — if you do so you will be the emperor sitting on a throne. Furthermore it looks as though if you have a loved one living with you, they will bring in money as well.


Clear your head and concentrate on your goal within career even turn off your gadgets if you can at times. Your Mars placement , on the other hand, is even more straightforward, determining your passionate expression and your sexual libido. While you get familiar with your ascendant and Mars placement, here's what to know about why Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn are the most passionate zodiac signs:. Aside from the fact that assertive Mars is your planetary ruler, which already speaks for itself, you naturally epitomize the zealousness living within your ruling element.

You are cardinal fire in every way, shape, and form, Aries. And whether it's because of your innate fearlessness or your desire to conquer the entire world, the passion you exude is both incredibly vibrant and contagious.

Cancer Horoscope - January 2012 Horoscope - Video Horoscope - perzi.tk

You are ruled by the ever-changing moon and while your emotions tend to be as unique as the four seasons, they're also as powerful as the ocean tides. Your sparkling intuition is your greatest superpower, and your ability to nurture the ones you love stems from your receptiveness to the emotional undercurrents all around you. Your memory bank is equivalent to a 4-D experience, and your lunar clock gifts you with the ability to turn back time and feel the butterflies swirling through your belly once again.

It's no coincidence go-getter Mars is your traditional planetary ruler, Scorpio. Don't get me wrong, you're as Plutonian as it can get, but the cosmos also gifted you with some of Mars' red-hot passions, already living in your cosmic DNA.

HOROSCOPES: Every cloud has a silver lining, Cancer

You have the emotional stamina of a daring skydiver, and your spider senses aren't so bad, either. Nothing gets in the way of your desires This, of course, could be potentially destructive, but it's still part of your Plutonian heirloom and divine powers of regeneration. Giving up is simply not part of your vocabulary. And if failure was even an option, you wouldn't waste your time on it to begin with.